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Ragnar Solución...
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Hydro-Alcoholic Solution, ideal for hand sanitization in any situation or place where fast and effective cleaning is required without the need for rinsing. Protects and hydrates the skin, providing a fresh situation for the hands.

Also with the use of a vaporizer, you can use it as a surface sanitizer.

Volume: 1000 ml.

Alcantara Hydroalcoholic...


Alcantara Hydroalcoholic Solution 70%

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Self-drying hydroalcoholic gel for hand hygiene. It contains a large percentage of alcohol, 70%. It contains glycerin, which favors the natural hydration of the skin.

Quick absorption and leaves no residue.

Available in 5000 ml and 1000 ml.

Gel Higienizante...
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Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer that protects and cleanses the hands in depth due to its high content of alcohol and glycerin. Suitable for daily use.

Gel hidroalcohólico...


Gel hidroalcohólico higienizante al 70%

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Este Higienizante a base de alcohol con su fórmula exclusiva consigue una limpieza superior por su formulación de 70% de alcohol. Es uno de los Hidroalcoholico más eficaces del mercado. Contiene glicerina que favorece la hidratación natural de la piel. Suave perfume frutal.
Hand Sanitizing Gel 150ml


Hand Sanitizing Gel 150ml

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Gel Antiséptico altamente higienizante para las manos a base de alcohol. Idóneo para la desinfección en múltiples disciplinas como la estética, medicina, alimentación, comedores, etc.150mlSin necesidad de ser aclarado.