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Vegan Products

Vegan Products

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Keiroa K-Tea 100% Tea Tree Oil


Keiroa K-Tea 100% Tea Tree Oil

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100% Tea Tree Oil

This oil has multiple benefits: fungal treatments, combat acne, helps treat warts, anti-louse, healing, sebum regulator, ...




Keiroa K-Rose 100% Rosehip Oil


Keiroa K-Rose 100% Rosehip Oil

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Price €20.62
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Rosehip Oil 100%


Rosa Mosqueta oil helps in the treatment of wrinkles, spots, scars, stretch marks. It is regenerating and is a great complement for any type of anti-aging treatment as well as moisturizing.



Maïva Extra Volume Vegan...


Maïva Extra Volume Vegan Mascara

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Price €9.01
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Maïva's vegan mascara adds length to your lashes while giving them greater volume. Its intense black color will highlight your look. In addition, its brush allows a precise application without weighing it down, fixing the mascara to the eyelashes correctly.


It is formulated exclusively with ingredients of plant origin and does not contain toxic ingredients.


Volume: 8 ml.

Alcantara Traybell Essentia...
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Alcantara Traybell Essentia S.O.S Mask

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Instant effect mask. Contains oils and vegetable butters from sustainably controlled organic farming. Provides nutrition, hydration and antioxidant effect. Repairs and restores the hydrolipid layer, providing the necessary nutrients to seal the cuticle, providing great shine and softness.

Aroma of grapes, blackberry and wild fruits.

VeraColors Silver Shampoo...
Availability: 1391 In Stock

VeraColors Silver Vegan Shampoo is especially suitable for gray, white, blonde or highlighted hair. Violet coloring to avoid yellow reflections.

Contains wheat germ extract and vitamin E.

Available in 250 ml and 1000 ml.

Maïva Eye Liner Vegan


Maïva Eye Liner Vegan

Price €2.40
Availability: 629 In Stock

Maïva eyeliner composed of oils of vegetable origin. Provides an intense and long-lasting color.

Vegan cosmetic. Not tested on animals.

Black color.

Traybell Essentia Vitalis...
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Traybell Essentia Vitalis Champu

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Reduce y controla la caída del cabello. Estimula la síntesis celular gracias a su combinación de ingredientes activos. Formulado con MPC, complejo de peptidos de las proteínas de la leche, que restaura el equilibrio del cuero cabelludo; Colágeno hidrolizado que fortalece y regenera las células y Extracto Biológicos de acción hidratante y nutritiva. Sin Parabenos, Sin Siliconas, Sin Colorantes
Keiroa K-Tonic Facial Skin...
Availability: 34 In Stock

Natural facial toner with soothing, moisturizing effect


With anti-inflammatory action. Especially indicated for tired and sensitive skin. It contains Oats, Cucumber, Chamomile, Calendula and Aloe Vera.




Keiroa K-Peeling Facial...


Keiroa K-Peeling Facial Peel with Honey and...

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Price €23.18
Availability: 10 In Stock

Deep cleaning of the skin, freeing it of impurities and regenerating it, thanks to the elimination of dead cells of the epidermis. Indicated for all skin types.



Keiroa K-Eyes Natural...


Keiroa K-Eyes Natural Eye-contour Oats and Aloe...

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Price €41.28
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Wrinkles, bags and dark circles.

Natural aye contour, treat bags, dark circles, wrinkles and sagging eye and eyelid, rejuvenating the eye. The vegetable proteins of its composition have an anti-wrinkle effect and a flash effect that help to stretch the skin.