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Wimpern Welle Mini Kit...
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Mini Powder Pad Eyelash Perming Kit by WimpernWelle.


It includes:


  • 4x Gel 1 single dose
  • 4x Gel 2 pods
  • 4x Wooden sticks
  • 2x Power Pads Size S
  • 2x Power Pads Size XS.
  • 1x Eyelash Brush
  • 1x Power Pad Glue
  • 1x Special Glue
Wimperwelle Mini Kit Klassik


Wimperwelle Mini Kit Klassik

Price €31.20
Availability: 2 In Stock

Mini Eyelash Lifting Kit where you will have everything you are looking for to start taking care of your eyelashes and working with them. Contains 8 permanent gel 1 and gel 2. 8 Curlers nº2 and nº3. Glue for curlers and disposable sticks.