Step by Step:


  • Properly prepare the nail bed with a dry manicure.
  • Apply Super Bond to the nail bed and let it air dry for a few seconds.
  • Apply the AcryGel on the nail. In case of extension with a mold or tip, it is recommended to apply a gel base on the nail. Dry in a lamp (UV 36w 2min / LED 24w 30s).
  • Remove the cap and the security seal from the AcryGel Professional Liquid and press the AcryGel, spreading it evenly. Clean the brush in the liquid if it is gummed and remove the remains of the product.
  • Bring the tip to the nail leaving 2mm between the cuticle and the tip. Check that the position of the tip is as natural as possible and remove the overflowing product with the brush if necessary.
  • Dry in a lamp (UV 36w 2min / LED 24w 30s).
  • Remove the tip and fill with AcryGel the 2mm space that we left previously molding with the brush.
  • We dry in a lamp (UV 36w 2min / LED 24w 30s).
  • We file the nail with a 180 or 240 file and carefully polish the surface of the AcryGel with a fine block.
  • Finally, decorate, apply glitter or apply traditional or permanent nail polish.


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Laura C 09/11/2020


Tengo mi propio salón de uñas y el polygel es uno de mis tratamientos estrella, he probado otras marcas pero nunca me llegaron a convencer del todo, por la dureza del producto o por el elevadísimo precio del producto. Este acry la verdad es que me encanta, es fácil de usar, muy resistente y la relación calidad precio es buenísima. Muy recomendado

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Parecidos a AcryGel Professiona Liquid 150ml

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