Mh Cosmetics Ozone Capillary Vapor. Water has a hidden power. The water swells the hair, deeply imbues it and enhances the effects of hair treatments. 007RC has been developed with a focus on the power of water. Through the control of ultrasonic waves, a huge amount of microscopic fog if generated in a plot. 007C, with the magical power of water, is a strong ally for hair treatments. In today's world, hair health is paramount, we are no longer talking about styling, we are talking about treatments that improve hair health and for this reason, model 007C introduces a new form of hair treatment that cannot be achieved anywhere. except in the best beauty salons.



1- The fourth generation microwave steam vaporizer, with a design concept that advances from environmental protection, has a smaller size, lower power consumption and more functions.

2- Ultrasonic atomization technology, can produce a large amount of fine water vapor, which deep into the hair, the ultrasonic color light, also makes the hair more easily absorb the dust shield-shaped element, activate the skin to improve resistance and adjustment capacity and prevents pollution and gray hair.

3- the red light obtains the function of producing blood as an aphrodisiac, the white blue light activates the white blood cells

4- According to the ease of the ultrasonic red wave to Chinese medicine: eucommia ulmoides and golden pine, it can decrease the influence of ROS and resist hair to gray.

Ultrasonic Blue-Ray can activate human hair cells and repair damaged hair after hair coloring and curling.


Model: 007C

Voltage: 110V / 240V

Power: 650 W

Water tank capacity: 1L

Drain capacity: 0.4L


Preparation work before commissioning:

1- Open the lid of the water tank just above the machine, take out the kettle.

2- Unscrew the lid of the kettle and then pour in some purified water. Please do not pour tap water in case the water scale affects the atomization.

3-Tighten the lid of the kettle and then put the kettle into the machine.


Instructions for use:

- Auto mode:

1- Turn on the power switch.

2- Choose the procedure for demaged, oily or natural to meet clients' needs.

3- Acoordung on demand of the client, adjust the time and temperature of each procedure. Press the key `` time + '' or the key `` time - '' (each time they will increase or decrease 5 minutes); press the key '' fog temperature '' to adjust.

4- Press the start key to confirm and then the machine will start working.

5- After the machine starts to work, press the key `` staining light '', it will show the red light, blue light or white light.

6- During the steaming process, you can press the '' Ozone '' key to produce ozone.

7- If you want to increase the temperature of the fog, turn on the round button near the main switch.


- Manual mode:

1- Turn on the power switch.

2- The stylist should press the red button after setting the level and temperature of the mist according to the customer's needs, and then press the red start key.

3- Press the key `` staining light '' after the machine works well, the staining light will turn into red light, blue light or white light.



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