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Travel pack mini hair dryer...
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Ideal pack for travelling, gym,... to take always with you. It includes a travel hairdryer and a detangling brush, with a summer hand bag.

Termix Universal Diffuser


Termix Universal Diffuser

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The Termix bar diffuser for professional dryers incorporates the possibility of choosing the opening of the perforated according to the intention of providing more or less volume to the hair at the time of drying.

Lim Hair Travel Hair Dryer


Lim Hair Travel Hair Dryer

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Lim Hair 2.0 travel dryer. Dryer specially developed for travel, gym ... Very small size, light and with 1000W of power. With two speeds of air flow and button to change to warm temperature. It includes diffuser and nozzle.


Power: 1000W

Weight: 185gr

Length: 13cm

MH Cosmetics Dryer Holder 4...


MH Cosmetics Dryer Holder 4 rings

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Wall support for the dryer. Metallic with chrome finish and small dimensions is both practical and elegant. Ideal for fastening the dryer in the bathroom or in your hairdressing salon.

Silicone Folding Diffuser


Silicone Folding Diffuser

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Diffuser, Eurostil brand, folding silicone with 9 fingers. Lightweight and practical design, since it is foldable and practically occupies no space.