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Termix Universal Diffuser


Termix Universal Diffuser

Price €10.74
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The Termix bar diffuser for professional dryers incorporates the possibility of choosing the opening of the perforated according to the intention of providing more or less volume to the hair at the time of drying.

Babyliss Pro Sleek Expert...
Availability: 11 In Stock

The Sleek Expert hair straightener allows you to get the perfect straightening, and you can also make endless hairstyles, such as perfect curls, thanks to its curved design. Get soft, shiny and long-lasting hair, thanks to its softer, smoother and frictionless plates.

Babyliss Pro Gunsteel Fx...


Babyliss Pro Gunsteel Fx Machines FX8705E

Price €265.00
Availability: 10 In Stock

Ideal cutting and trimmer machine for intensive professional use. Features a selection of 2 interchangeable blades with zero adjustment for greater precision and control. It has a high-torque motor, designed by Ferrari, which guarantees constant performance throughout use. It contains Japanese steel blades with a super sharp cutting angle. Its casing is completely metal, 6300 blade movements per minute. Rechargeable battery with autonomy of 2 hours. Use with or without cable.

Eurostil Universal Diffuser


Eurostil Universal Diffuser

Price €5.21
Availability: 41 In Stock

Eurostil universal diffuser adaptable to any dryer on the market. It has a design specially designed to distribute the air evenly.




Price €96.90
Availability: 2 In Stock
Clipper CL 4000. Power supply by network or by accumulators. Ergonomic handling The head with right angle and reduced weight allow relaxed work. Easy to load Adjustable cutting length of 1-3mm. Autonomy with accumulator: 70 minutes.
Babyliss Pro Triple Waves...


Babyliss Pro Triple Waves to Water

Price €73.00
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Tenacilla triple by Babyliss Pro to create hairstyles with a seductive and insolent styles. The heating tubes of these multifunction tongs create beautiful waves full of movement and also allow to obtain the same effects as corrugating tongs.

MH Cosmetics Silicone Stand


MH Cosmetics Silicone Stand

Price €16.45
Availability: 6 In Stock

Rugged pocket made of 100% silicone from MH Cosmetics that keeps the furniture protected from the heat of irons, curling irons, tongs, ... Very comfortable thanks to its two parts, a large pocket for power tools and a flap with suction cups to stick on The surfaces.


Green Color

Steinhart Titanium Crimping...


Steinhart Titanium Crimping Iron

Price €50.00
Availability: 5 In Stock

Exclusive ripple with automatic roller to create a style with waves. Provides a wavy marked and full-bodied frisé, without the need to work in sections.